“Oli East is many things to many people. What is Oli East to me may not be Oli East to his neighbour or his lover. And of course as experience passes through Oli East it leaves it's trace. Thus Oli East is in constant transition from the old to the new. What is called Oli East one day is not what is called Oli East the next and seven short years from now every cell in Oli East's body will have been replaced —just like that a whole new Oli East. And yet does Oli East not have memories from his childhood? Does he not have a mother who birthed him? And am I not writing now to introduce him to you all? 

"Oli East" is an infinitely complex and fluid collection of experiences and inherited personality traits that sits between Seb and Yassa (as the crow flys). He is good at design and wishes to share this moment with you.” (Chris Chapman, Welcome Email, Droga5, 18/04/18)


Droga5 London — Junior designer
September 2019 to present

Droga5 London — Internship
April 2018 — September 2018

de_form (Budapest) — Internship
February 2018 - March 2018

Grey London – Internship
November 2017 — January 2018


BA Hons Graphic & Media Design
London College of Communication
October 2015 — May 2019
First Class Honours

Diploma of Professional Study
September 2017 - September 2018